Friday, 10 October 2008

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Nurul Huda @ hudz

She's one of a kind which makes her unique. Ummmm, Where should I start...


I've always been told many things about her from faisal but I've never seen her since I've been busy with my daily duties and responsibilities as a banker in one of the local financial institution (I'm not going to mention the company for safety precaution). I really want to know her but I can't find the right time to meet her.

One day faisal called me to ask if I can pick him up in Yayasan, so I just say yes and went to pick him up but when I'm on the way, faisal once again called me if I want to hang out with his friends. Since I've heard a lot about his friends and I've some free time so I just say yes and we went to the stadium to hang out.

That was when I met this girl. She looks pretty and happy go lucky for her type of women, no offence but she is quite astounding but I was too shy to blend in with them although I'm not that type of person but it was the first time I've met them and truly speaking I felt awkward during that time and I don't know why. Mybe I'm the only stranger there and I'm still trying to find the right frequency to click with them, but still I'm too slow on that. The only thing that I can do was just to get to know them but not getting to know them.

During puasa and raya, we alway hang out together and we get to know each other. We have found the right frequency and now we are close as ever before. Even now I still can see that she is unique and full of mysteries. Its up to us to find out the hidden potentials. I've talk a lot about her and its time to talk about someone else now. We'll talk about her some other time after this. GO "PENGKHIANAT DURJANA"...hehehehehe

faisal @ pecal

I met him way back in February 2003 during our hostelite orientation in Maktab Duli.

He is the first person that i get close to during the orientation since my original roomate during the preliminary was busy with his new roomate on the other block and all my previous school classmate were busy with everybody else. That makes me a loner. Luckily I met this guy, or should I say ...... (hahahah). it was one f the sweetest memory that i can't forget since its the first time we met and now we can't be separated like a superglue.

Although we are not roomates but in the end we are since his roomate moved out from the hostel and my roomate moved out from our room since he has a new bestfriend and to give way for faisal to moved in to my room. Quite touchy during that time and I think that my roomate was just being a gentleman.

Since then we are not separable and we don't know why. All activities, we did it together without any hesitation and complaints. we even break our hotelite rules together and we didn't even get cought (professional).

There are lots to say about him, but I have to write about my other friends after this. Lets just wait for the continuation of his story some other time.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


This is the first time I'm into this blogging thing and I don't have any idea what to write and where to start...

Suddenly all my stories kept in my memory suddenly stuck in my head like a rusty, blocked water pipe, well that is what i can think of right now. Wish I can write all my stories just like I can do to my friends...

Well, here goes....

Ada Orang kan Blanja ne...

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